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Sep 05

Southern Homestyle Cooking at Hard Knox

We went to Hard Knox for a group dinner, and I have to say, the service was good for a large group. I’ve been to both locations, but for this group event, we went to the one in the Richmond District, this restaurant location is bigger than the one in the Dogpatch neighborhood, it actually has an upstairs.  Parking is tough, so have patience if you plan to eat here.

I ordered the Oxtails, served with lots of gravy. The  meat was sooo tender, it literally fell off the bone and each bite was delicious! My hubby ordered the Blackened Catfish, pan-fried on an iron skillet and the seasoning was really good too!  The entrees are also served with two sides, they offer a list of sides but being the carb eater I am, I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese and the Rice with Gravy, I admit that I couldn’t finish it but they were great leftovers for the next day. Come to think of it, maybe I couldn’t finish them because I was too busy enjoying what Southern comfort  restaurants always serves, Corn Muffins!



Sep 02

A Beautiful Afternoon at the Ferry Building

When people from out of town visit, we love bringing them to the Ferry Building! There is just so much offered here at this beautiful historical building- food, snacks, local businesses and a breathtaking view! And for some strange reason, the last few times I’ve visited, the sun sparkled on the water.

Last week, we decided to eat burgers at the Gott’s Roadside. They have outdoor seating, which is great on a sunny day along the Embarcadero.  They also have indoor seating on those windy days and on those days you just don’t want to deal with the flying rats, the pigeons that is.  I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger, my hubby ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and we all shared the Sweet Potato Fries.  I really enjoy the big burgers here, I especially love that they are served on a toasted egg bun.  And the Sweet Potato Fries dusted with chili spice are just so delicious and crispy, and you will love them that much more when you dip them into the house-made ranch.  One thing I didn’t get since I knew I wanted to save some room for my cup of Blue Bottle Coffee was the super yummy White Pistachio Shake.  Friends of ours ordered it and loved it!

Next stop, the long line at Blue Bottle Coffee.  We just wanted a little jolt, so we decided on a cup of regular drip coffee.  And yes, they were individually dripped by what I believe is the Bonmac Ceramic Dripper (at least it looked something like this),  not served from a coffee pot. It was a tasty strong cup of coffee, but I think that next time, I will have to try something else since I was waiting in line anyways.

I can’t wait for my next visit, hopefully we have out of town friends visit again so we have a reason to eat good and enjoy the beauty of the city!