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Sep 28

American Comfort Food at a Hidden Gem, Broken Record

Since we are leaving for our first trip to Europe tomorrow, it only seems appropriate to leave with a blog about a hidden gem located in the back of a dive bar in Crocker-Amazon, Broken Record, serving hearty comfort American food. Please know ahead that this place is Cash Only and the Kitchen hour begins at 6:15pm daily.  Broken Record can get very busy, so just be aware of that, the tables were packed before the kitchen opened!

I’ve been meaning to eat here for a long time and was so happy that I finally got to taste the hearty goodness of this place. I ate with a smile the entire time due to anticipation, the creativity of every dish was surprising and unexpected.

Pork Fries featuring pulled pork, waffle fries and cheese sauce. WOW, the most tender and tasty pork ever! I really don’t know what type of cheese they used but the flavors were uniting into perfection! You MUST get this if you go!

Mac & Goat Cheese served with roasted cauliflower, peas and Parmesan crust. Oh this dish just melted in my mouth. I know that not everyone likes goat cheese but this was damn good. Lately I’ve been thinking about the best way to cook cauliflowers, I think they found the best solution!

Sweet Potatertots…these words speak for itself. This was a huge basket of crispy fried sweet potato tots, sweet and salty and simply addicting.

Grilled Corn with chorizo and Cotija cheese. Okay, it was not anything like Cafe Habana in NYC, but the spicy chorizo definitely added a twist!

Beef and Bacon Burger featuring house-ground beef & bacon patty, Tillamook cheddar, ketchup and house mayo, lettuce & onion on the side. Everyone seems to rave about the burgers, the cheese was melted all around the meat, but unfortunately I did not love my burger. Maybe I just came on a wrong night for it?

S’more Sundae featuring homemade TCHO chocolate ice cream, graham cookie crust & bruleed marshmallow. I am not a huge chocolate lover but I do love the idea of s’mores, the gooey bruleed marshmallow mixed with the ice cream was so fun to eat! And, I also loved the fact that they featured a local San Franciscan chocolate manufacturer, TCHO, which is the only chocolate factory in San Francisco!

Peaches n Cream featuring summer peach tart, blackberries, pecans and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. For a lighter taste of Summer…this dessert was made for you!


Sep 15

Hello Bobo’s!

It was my hubby’s birthday and when I asked him where he wanted to have his dinner celebration, he requested Boboquivari’s! Yes, he has good taste too!  I highly recommend reservations, they were even busy on a Wednesday evening. I requested a nice table for two and they gave us a little nook area that made us feel like we weren’t really part of the main dining room, that was really nice.

We started off with the Iron-Skillet Roasted Mussels, if you like mussels I recommend this, dip it in the butter caper sauce and enjoy!  We also dipped the Baked Garlic & Olive Sourdough Loaf onto the iron-skillet for the strong olive flavors! I am usually one to hold off on the bread to save space in my tummy for the entrees, I think I wanted the taste of the olives with a hint of the mussels more than the bread, I couldn’t stop, the flavors were so good!

Normally we try to get different entrees so that we can share. But we both knew that going to Boboquivari’s meant that we were both getting the Bone-In Filet Mignon, medium rare please! When we got our Bone-In Filet Mignon, it was just the way we remembered it the first time we tried it. Plump, juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned and truly medium rare.  Our first bite made us both smile, and our last bite left nothing on the bone! Of course we also had a few side dishes, we loved the Modern Mac & Cheese which was made with pungent blue cheese, however, we were not as impressed with the Twice-Baked Potato and Cauliflower sauteed with Garlic and topped with Pangrattato.  Last but not least, we enjoyed the Pistachio Panna Cotta with Mango Créme Anglaise, this was good but it was not smooth like soft tofu and we didn’t taste any pistachios,  it reminded us of yummy egg custard.

Although not all the food was perfect, the real reason why we came here was for the Bone-In Filet Mignon, and that was perfect!


Sep 03

If You Want Fresh Fish, You Must Try Ryoko’s

Okay, where the hell have I been, I just realized that Ryoko’s been around for 23 years! How is it that I didn’t know about this gem in downtown San Francisco? WOW, if you haven’t been, you must give them a visit to try their fresh fish! Yes, this is my food alert, if you want impressive fresh sashimi, you must go to Ryoko’s! We went there on a Friday night, this place was super busy and there was a long line the entire time we were eating! Lucky for us,  we made reservations and we requested bar seating, we were about 20 minutes early and our seats we waiting for us! I have to admit that I was surprised, with about possibly 15 people waiting, they didn’t give away our bar seating, I think that some places would have thought they could just get away with making us wait for another half hour.

We noticed lots of specials on the board, some of the fish were from Japan. We love being adventurous so of course we had to ask our server for her recommendations off their board. We started with the smooth Ankimo, monkfish liver, and the Kakuni, braised sweet pork belly, which was served with mild spicy peppers. After tasting our appetizers, we were very excited to see what was in store for us. We then got our Jumping Tuna roll, featuring spicy tuna, cucumber, and shiso rolled and deep fried, this was good even though I am not a huge fan of deep fried rolls. We also had deep fried shrimp heads from our Amaebi order, the batter was light and the heads were sweet and crunchy!

And then the really good stuff came out, the nigiri and the rest of our rolls! The White Tuna Toro, Uni (Sea Urchin), Big Eye Red Tuna, Iwashi (Sardines), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Sake (Salmon), Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), Spicy Scallop Roll with shiso & cucumber and the Spicy Golden Gate with spicy salmon, shiso, cucumber & flying fish roe! Ummm yes, I love the fragrant smell and taste from shiso and I had a lot this evening! After we ate all of this, we had to order another melt in your mouth White Tuna Toro, this fish was so buttery! We then asked our server for her recommendation for our last bite, the chef overheard us and recommended the Sanma (Pacific Saury). So to end our feast, we got the Sanma and as our friend put it, an order of Unagi (BBQ eel)  for dessert!

Everything we had were AMAZINGLY FRESH and I actually have no complaints, not even one!!!


Sep 01

Jjampong Here I Come, Dinner at Kukje Market’s Restaurant

Okay, most people go to Kukje Market for grocery shopping. But us, we go there for dinner at the restaurant and then we walk off our food while grocery shopping for our jar of kimchee (which I always have in the fridge)! This place gets busy at an early hour and they have extended another room for seating. With that being said, their service is not the best, so don’t expect fast attentive staff. I was recently informed by a friend that after waiting for 40 minutes, their food was not served and they ended up walking out. This has not happened to me, but unfortunately I can actually see that happening there!  So if you sense it’s time to say something to the staff, please do!

The last time we went there, I fell in love with the noodles served in their Jjampong, which is a spicy soup noodle served with seafood such as mussels and shrimp.  The highlight of this dish is definitely the chewy thin udon noodles! I wish I knew what brand and type of noodles they used so that I could re-create it at home! This big bowl of soup noodles serves 2 people so we only ordered the Pork Bibimbap for a second dish, which was also very good! Normally I order the Seafood Pancake, but knowing that I didn’t want to roll out of the restaurant, we had to say no. As always, just like all Korean restaurants, there were lots of condiments to start the meal!