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Apr 30

Yakitori at Mokutanya

Walk into Mokutanya and you might be somewhat surprised by the modern dim ambiance with glass sectioning off the seating arrangements.  Get to your table and you will notice the traditional Japanese way to dine, take off your shoes and sit on the tatami mats and sunken tables. We came here for a friend’s birthday and we had approximately 10 people, we ordered A LOT of food, too much actually, instead of ordering a skewer per person, we probably could have split the order in half for some of the selections.

I didn’t get photos of everything we ate, but I did get a few and definitely have some favorites! From Wagyu Beef, Bacon Enoki, Butabara (Pork Belly), Gindara Kasuzuke (Black Cod), Gyutan (Beef Tongue), Hatsu (Chicken Heart), Kamo (Duck Breast), Spicy Kurobuta Sausage, Sunagimo (Chicken Gizzard), Onion Tsukune (Chicken), Shiitake Tsukune, Okra, Spicy Beef to Tsukune with Spicy Mayonnaise…they were all flavorful and grilled to perfection! My favorites were the fatty and tender Wagyu Beef, Gyutan (Beef Tongue), Spicy Beef and Shiitake Tsukune! We tried the Tonkotsu Ramen but I found the soup too salty,  the ramen’s texture was good and I did see a soft boiled egg.

I also heard they serve exotic meats on Wednesday and Thursday, such as Kangaroo, Venison, Wild Boar and Alligator. We will definitely return to Mokutanya again, we really enjoyed it!


Apr 25

2 Years of Food Blogging…..

It’s been 2 fun and tasty years of Food Blogging! I just want to thank EVERYONE who reads my food blogs, tries my recipes, and comments on my CookwithEva Facebook Page ! I really appreciate the support and all your food recommendations, so please keep them coming!

Since we are expecting a new addition to our family, the good eats have decreased cause so many of the most delicious food must be avoided! I can’t wait to feel back to normal soon, hopefully my hubby and I can continue our food journey!

Happy Eating and Cooking!