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May 29

Colorful Spices at Taste In Mediterranean Food

When I think Mediterranean, I think spices, creamy and well-seasoned food! We decided to give Taste In Mediterranean Food a try. The restaurant looks like a deli, but like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. I do have to make one comment, there was a strange sour smell where we sat in the back, so we moved tables due to it.  But other than the weird smell, I have nothing to complain about.

We shared everything family style and started with the Mediterranean Platter Combo appetizer featuring Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Dolmas, Tobouli Salad, Moroccan Eggplant Salad, Mediterranean Tomato Cucumber Salad, Feta Cheese and Olives served with Pita Bread.  It was such a wonderful way to start the dinner, we LOVED everything on the platter, the flavors were delightful and the ingredients were fresh!

For the entrees, we shared the Mixed Grilled Kabob Platter offering a combination of Grilled Lamb Cubes, Tawuok (Chicken Tenders) and Kefta (Ground Lamb and Vegetables) served with homemade Garlic Sauce, Hummus Dip, Salad and Rice. We also shared the Charbroiled Cornish Hen Platter served with fresh charbroiled Vegetables, homemade Garlic Sauce, Hummus Dip, Baba Ghanoush, Salad and Rice. I was so impressed, everything on our plates were so flavorful, the meats were tender and the sauces and dips were finger lickin’ good.

Since everything was good, we had to end the meal by sharing the Pistachio Baklava, Namura Honey Cake and Mini Rose. The Namura Honey Cake was a little too sweet for me, but the lightly sweetened Pistachio Baklava and Mini Rose were flaky and the nuts were fresh not stale.

As we were ending our meal, we saw someone order some lamb chops, it smelled so damn good, so we’ll definitely return for it!


May 26

Batter Up!

I’ve been driving by Batter Up for a while now and have been wanting to try their corn dogs! There is no seating here, it’s just a pick up to go joint.  It’s on Geneva and Mission so it’s not at the best or most convenient location, but if you are ever in the area, stop by for a quick snack! I don’t know about you, but I love corn dogs and there are not a lot of places that actually serve this delicious fried junk food. Batter Up also fries up cheese, Oreos and Twinkies! But I was only here for one thing, their corn dog. They had a huge selection of links and I couldn’t decide! So luckily for me, they sell corn dogs as one link, or you can get the Double Play which is 2 links in one or you can get the Triple Play which is 3 links in one! I went with the Double Play and got half Smoked Bratwurst and half Portuguese!  The batter was fried to perfection, the cornmeal was so tasty and crunchy, and what a difference when it’s served with specialty links! YUM! YUM! YUM!


May 25

Some Playa Azul in San Francisco…

It was a gorgeous Sunday and my sister who is truly a foodie in my opinion brought us to Playa Azul, located in Bernal Heights area. We didn’t know what to expect, she just kept talking about their fresh Shrimp Cocktail and how it would be nice to have one on a hot day. We got there before noon and it was already quite busy, when we were done eating our food, the place was packed.

We shared the very fresh Coctel de Camaron, Shrimp Cocktail served with Tomato Sauce, Avocado, Onion, Tomato And Cilantro! It was delicious and not fishy at all, everything about it was fresh, the shrimp and the sauce! We also ordered 2 big plates, each came with 2 sides and the choice of buttery bread or tortillas. We got the flavorful Carne Asada, grilled thin cut rib-eye steak served on a sizzling plate and the perfectly seasoned and grilled Tilapia. For the sides we ordered Beans, Clam Chowder, Rice and Fries (yes, fries), an order of the tortillas and an order of the very buttery bread.

The portions were quite big, but since everything was so damn tasty, we actually finished everything we ordered! So…on a rare sunny day in San Francisco, visit Playa Azul for their Shrimp Cocktail and more!


May 14

I Dumpling = “WOW”

Over the weekend, my sister told us about I Dumpling located in Redwood City, she passed by it but never tried it.  So, we decided to drive to a city we pretty much never visit unless we have jury duty.

We went there on a Sunday afternoon and there was a wait. I think it depends on what time you arrive, we got there at 1:30pm and the place was still busy. It’s a very small, simple and casual restaurant that seats about 25 people.

The three of us decided to pig out! We only got one order of Xiao Long Baos so that we could order lots of other dishes,  the Xiao Long Baos skin was light, the pork in the dumpling was fresh and tender, and last but the least, it was soupy!  We also ordered the plump Shrimp and Chive Dumplings, the crispy Green Onion Pancake, the Spicy Beef Tendon with Parsley, the delicious tingly Spicy Sliced Beef Soup with fresh Handmade Noodles that never got soggy and the tender Fried Pork Chop served with Rice, Ground Pork, Preserved Vegetables and a Soy Sauce marinated Egg.


Xiao Long Baos, Spicy Beef Tendon with Parsley and Fried Pork Chop served with Rice! The Shrimp and Chive Dumplings were good too but the skin was a little too doughy for us.

The food was so wonderful and flavorful that the three of us almost finished everything!  We are so impressed, we can’t wait to return for our next visit, it was definitely worth the drive! We found a new gem!