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Aug 13

Sandwiches with a Twist at Wooly Pig Cafe

We were at UCSF for a couple of days and got sick of eating the food at the hospital. While driving in the area we had noticed Wooly Pig Cafe, we weren’t sure what they served but decided to give it a try.  It’s a small comfortable neighborhood cafe serving gourmet sandwiches, coffee and dessert. Everyone who walked in after us knew the super friendly owner.

We got one of the specials, the Spicy Meatball Sandwich, and it reminded us of a Vietnamese Xiu Mai Sandwich.  I have to be honest, I am not a huge sandwich fan, but I do love hot sandwiches. And this was really good, they served good bread and it was perfectly toasted.  We really wanted to go back to try their Wooly Pig Sandwich which is their pork belly and their Open Faced Egg Sandwich, but never got a chance to. If we are ever in the area during lunch, we will definitely have to stop by for them!