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Sep 19

Date Night at Jū-ni

For Kent’s 40th birthday, I wanted to take him somewhere really good to celebrate!  So, for his big day, we made a date night reservation a few months ahead and decided to go to the most talked about Japanese restaurant, Jū-ni! I feel like everyone we know who have tried it, LOVE it. And everyone who hasn’t been there, wants a reservation. I learned that when you hear about a restaurant on social media as much as them, you have to try it!

Jū-ni means twelve in Japanese, the restaurant offers 12 seats with 2 seatings per night and a 12 course nigiri. The omakase is 15 course, including a salad, owan (soup) and dessert. At the end of the nigiri courses, you can decide if you want to add supplements. And believe me, you’ll want the Chef recommended supplements!

Kent and I knew a little bit about the restaurant and what to expect since our friends who have been there gave some great reviews on their dining experience. Being from the hospitality industry, I am extremely picky about service. If I dine at a high end restaurant, I am expecting very good service. But lately, I notice that some servers at high end restaurants really don’t care and are expecting a good gratuity no matter how they present their service.

Here’s the thing about Jū-ni, you not only get good service from the all around staff, you get a personable Chef who’s preparing every intricate course for you. They have 1 Chef for every 4 guests. Our wonderful Chef Daniel explained where the fish was from, gave us an idea of what textures and flavors to expect, the seasonings used, and even gave us cooking tips! From preparing and cleaning each of our serving boards for the next course, to slicing the fish to perfection and adding the seasonings to compliment each fish, he made it an amazing dining experience!

And then there’s the fish, a lot of it was sourced from Japan, the quality of the seafood was impeccable! Each with their own flavors and textures, they were all sweet and fresh!

There is no rushing here, just sit down and relax, enjoy the exceptional food, the company and the hospitality! Thank you Jū-ni, it was a fun date night!

Date night begins...

Chef Daniel at work

Happy with our lovely dining experience!


Sep 19

Celebrating our 10 Years Dating Anniversary at Octavia

This is a late post, as date nights are rare, and having a moment to blog is exceptionally difficult now. So as expected, this blog will be short and sweet. Three months ago, we celebrated our 10 years Dating Anniversary. And yes, there is such a thing as I will find any excuse to eat a meal as civilized adults. For this special occasion, we decided to try Octavia, as we are also fans of Frances by Chef Melissa Perello. We very much enjoy sharing and tasting a bit of everything so Octavia’s small plates were perfect! We thought every dish was creative and unique, as the spices and ingredients brought out the flavors of the main star for each! The restaurant was rustic with high ceilings and featured an old San Franciscan charm. Note: They offer an ever changing seasonal menu, so the following may already not be available.

DEVILED EGG with fresno chile relish, dolcini egg, marash pepper & spice CHILLED SQUID INK NOODLES, cortez bottarga, fennel & lemon agrumato







BEEF TARTARE with provolone mandarone, taggiasche olives, watercress and the perfect garlic toastSMOKY POTATO CHOWDER with grilled salmon belly, fingerling potatoes, celery and dill







PAPPARDELLE with brentwood corn, chanterelle mushroom and brown butterSONOMA DUCK BREAST with roasted fig panzanella, toasted almond and chile romesco







WARM CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE TART with cocoa nib brittle, salted caramel ice creamMy handsome husband