Jun 07

Movie and Puccini & Pinetti

Over the weekend I went to watch SATC 2 with two wonderful ladies at Century San Francisco Centre 9 featuring relaxing plush seats! After the movie, we were hungry but wanted to stay in Union Square instead of dealing with parking again.  Saturday night and parking does not mix well in the City. We decided to walk around to see what was appealing.

When you eat in Union Square, it is never cheap, we already knew we were going to spend more than expected. We walked over to the area where Puccini & Pinetti was located, checked out their menu and decided to try it out.    The restaurant was comfy and traditional, we sat at the bar  since there was a wait and since they served food at the bar. I was just happy to see that they had hooks on the bar for coats and purses, not a lot of places have this nowadays.  Since we sat at the bar, we actually got the bar menu too, which was perfect since one of my friends wanted bar snacks type of food. They had a great bar menu, we just ordered a bunch of items since they all sounded good and were reasonably priced!  We shared the Crispy Calamari, Arugula Salad, Marinated Olives, Fried Ravioli, Cheese Plate, and a Pizza with Potato Skins! Everything was in small plates except the pizza and they all tasted delicious! I am so happy that we walked into this restaurant cause now I will definitely be back again!