Jun 11

Japanese Small Plates at Naked Fish

We normally go to Naked Fish, the Millbrae location,  for quick lunches on the weekends. When we come here for lunch, we normally get the simple bento box lunches with an order of their butter fish nigiri.  The bento box is a deal and tastes good, we’ve always wanted to come back for dinner, so today was the day. Sushi is always a great idea on hot days! When we got seated, we got a nice  free small bowl of edamame to start us off, that was nice since I was starving.

We ordered a few small plates-Butterfish Nigiri, Uni Nigiri, Ankimo, Poke, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab and Miso Seabass.  We were hungry and I thought that this was not enough, but I’m glad we stopped when we did cause this was perfect for the two of us! The butterfish and uni were really fresh, the cold seafood flavors were perfect! The ankimo was very smooth, it was a bit fishy at first but after I dabbed it with the spicy radish ponzu and scallions, it was delicious! I thought the deep fried soft shell crab was not bad either, but the one small dish that was REALLY good was the miso seabass! It was a very small piece, but the sweetness of the miso seabass was delightful, I will definitely order that again and try to make it at home too! I was eating every bite slowly, trying to figure out what the secret ingredients were.  I was really disappointed with the poke, it was not really good, it tasted a bit weird, there was a mesquite BBQ flavoring.