Jun 18

Lamb Stew at Gazebo

Gazebo serves very simple Cantonese dishes. It’s not the best Chinese restaurant, but one of the dishes that we  came back for was their lamb stew!  Just to let you all know, they have 2 different menus, one is in English and one in Chinese and they do not match. The English menu has all the food that is not the homecooked Chinese food and the Chinese menu has food you may enjoy from mom!

I can’t really read any Chinese, but went with people that did. But even if you can’t read Chinese, you can still say lamb stew!  It is served in a huge clay pot and the soup base has carrots, sugar cane and water chestnuts which made the lamb taste delicious, it helps reduce the gamey taste! They also gave us vegetables to cook in the soup.  To bring out more flavors, you can dip it in the bean curd dipping. I believe it cost about $19.95 for this one big dish.