Jun 21

Vietnamese Homestyle Cuisine at Ben Tre

We were actually heading for another restaurant but it was closed so we decided to try out Ben Tre located in South San Francisco. I am so glad we accidentally walked into this place cause it was really good and really clean. When we eat Vietnamese food, we usually just get simple soup noodles or rice plates. But when we got the menu, we noticed some photos and decided to try some different items than what we always order.  For the appetizer, we decided to get the Roasted Quails…YUMM…this was perfectly crisp, we dipped it lightly into the salt and pepper and it was full of flavors, it tasted just as good even when we didn’t dip it.  I’m Chinese, we love crispy quails! For entrees, we ordered the Yellow Rice in Claypot served with chicken, shrimps, mushrooms and vegetables. It had an aroma, smelled really good, but I thought it was missing sauce.  But luckily, we ordered the Five Spice Chicken over rice and it came with fish sauce, so I used the fish sauce and poured it into the clay pot mix!  Oh, and the Five Spice Chicken was deeelicious and grilled to perfection!