Jul 03

Yummy Ramen at Katana-Ya

I know that there are mixed reviews about the ramen at Katana-Ya , but I personally enjoy this place! The only downside is the line. Since we were downtown catching a movie, we wanted to stay downtown for dinner and Katana-Ya was a great choice since it’s closes late.  Plus, we thought a warm bowl of ramen would be great for a chilly night. When we got there around 9:30pm, there was still a line, but we were hungry and craving it so we decided to wait. It’s a VERY small place, so don’t even think about bringing more than a group of 5 people, you will wait forever! We learned from a friend from our first time here that the Toro was really good, and it was.  So this time, we decided to see if they had Toro Nigiri again, and they did, so I was super happy cause I couldn’t wait to eat all that fatty goodness! And of course, we also ordered my favorite Uni Nigiri! And both of these were extremely fresh and delicious. If I didn’t order my big bowl of Deep Fried Chicken Ramen with Miso soup, I probably could have ordered more Nigiri! Until next time…..we shall meet again!