Jul 16

Little Sheep Hot Pot, Nothing but Comfort

Now Little Sheep Hot Pot is what I call true hot pot…try to get here early cause it is always busy! I love hot pot, it is interactive and fun to stuff yourself! The beauty of this place is their Half and Half Soup Base, one side Spicy and the other side Original, both offering Chinese herbs!  The flavors of the soups are just incredible!  I decided to go with my hubby after a hard work week, and eating here definitely cheered me up! For our hot pot ingredients, we ordered the Supreme Lamb Shoulder Slice, Premium Beef Slice, Cuttlefish Paste, Watercress, Sliced Taro, Tofu Combo Platter, Shiitake Mushrooms, Taro Vermicelli Knots and Udon Noodles.  We were introduced to the Leek Flower Dipping Sauce from some friends and had to get an order too! There are so many things to choose from on their menu, but my favorite is definitely the Cuttlefish Paste, if you go, you must try it! Eat slow, relax and enjoy!