Jul 20

Hong Kong Style Dinner at Cafe Orchid

Yesterday I was too lazy to cook dinner after picking up the hubby at the airport,  so we went to grab a quick dinner at Cafe Orchid. We’ve been here a couple of times, I don’t love it here, but they do have some good deals. Their deals and food are not as  good as some other places, but  if you are just looking for a quick bite, it’s not bad either. Millbrae has quite a few Hong Kong Fast Food style restaurants, and Cafe Orchid is quite new, and although it doesn’t offer the best food, it seems to be busy.

We both ordered a meal that came with a cup of Milk Tea and Sweet Buns.  I got the Pork Chop with the Sweet Corn Sauce over Spaghetti for $8.50 and my hubby ordered the Sizzling Rib Eye with Tomato Sauce over Rice for $12.99. His meal also came with the Soup of the Day, it was actually Cream of Corn, but it was really salty so I put some of his soup into my pasta and used it as additional sauce! Overall, our meal was okay, not great, just okay.  Some may question why I even come here if I don’t really like it, but everytime I come here , I hope to pick that one dish that I will love at this place. I just haven’t tasted it yet.