Aug 17

Eugeapalooza: The Streetcart Wars, Food for a Great Cause

Over the  weekend, we decided to support our dear friend Eugene at an event he organizes, the Eugeapalooza! He puts together this great fundraiser to give back to the San Francisco Food Bank!  I loved it, it’s such a great idea! There were quite a few food vendors and I tasted just about everything! I had a taste of the Buffalo Wings, Bacon Cheddar Sliders, Pulled Pork Tacos with Ancho Chili Sauce & Slaw, Tandoori Ground Lamb/Beef Kebab with yogurt sauce, Mac & Cheese, and my favorite item there was the 63 Degree Sou Vide Egg by s+s gastro grub (Which was a 63 degree free range egg served with beef short rib, creamy grits, kimchi puree and chives)! I wish I had s+s gastro grub’s  Roasted Bone Marrow, but they ran out!  Overall, good times…good times…


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  1. Seb says:

    Thank you for the props, we are glad you liked our food and can’t wait to cook for you again.


    S+S Gastro Grub