Sep 05

Southern Homestyle Cooking at Hard Knox

We went to Hard Knox for a group dinner, and I have to say, the service was good for a large group. I’ve been to both locations, but for this group event, we went to the one in the Richmond District, this restaurant location is bigger than the one in the Dogpatch neighborhood, it actually has an upstairs.  Parking is tough, so have patience if you plan to eat here.

I ordered the Oxtails, served with lots of gravy. The  meat was sooo tender, it literally fell off the bone and each bite was delicious! My hubby ordered the Blackened Catfish, pan-fried on an iron skillet and the seasoning was really good too!  The entrees are also served with two sides, they offer a list of sides but being the carb eater I am, I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese and the Rice with Gravy, I admit that I couldn’t finish it but they were great leftovers for the next day. Come to think of it, maybe I couldn’t finish them because I was too busy enjoying what Southern comfort  restaurants always serves, Corn Muffins!