Apr 27

Dragon Fruit, I will try it again in Asia

The last time I ate Dragon Fruit, I was in Hong Kong, and it was sweet and crunchy.  I had no idea how a Dragon Fruit looked like when I ate it on vacation, because when I ate it, it was peeled and sliced. Last weekend when I was at Ranch 99 doing some grocery shopping, I couldn’t decide what fruit to buy but saw some ladies buying this strange looking pretty fruit. I had to try it, I was asking them how I was  supposed to pick it and everything. They told me to pick the ones that are more red cause they will be sweeter and fresh. Then they told me to just peel it the same way I would peel a banana. So today, I decided to eat this beautiful tropical looking fruit. And when I opened it, I realized I’ve actually had this before but in Hong Kong! Little did I know…

But, I got am now so disappointed, it is still crunchy, juicy and fresh, but it’s not sweet at all! But I just keep eating it cause I just googled it and found out that it’s full of nutrients, plus I did buy it. So now, I have half of my Dragon Fruit staring at me.