Oct 16

Yummy Ramen at Himawari

Okay, I have to admit, I went to Ramen Dojo first, but the line was so long and we were sooo hungry,  so we left and went to Himawari.  My hubby tried this restaurant with a friend and told me that it was pretty good, so hey, what the heck, why not give it a try! When we got there, there was no line, given that it was still 6:30pm on a Saturday so we were still pretty early. Just so you know, there was a line at about 7:00pm. Having a bowl of ramen was taking a chance for me, I just got back from Japan where I had the best ramen on earth, so yes, I honestly didn’t expect too much.

We ordered a tuna poke appetizer and we both ordered the Tonkotsu Deluxe Ramen which was the pork flavored ramen with stewed pork, sliced roasted pork and egg. I found their menu inclusions and prices a bit odd, not because I was being cheap or anything, but this Tonkotsu Deluxe Ramen was the most expensive bowl of ramen, yet, they make you add 50 cents for the egg noodles  instead of thin noodles. What the hell are thin noodles anyways, everything else came with ramen noodles?! And yes, of course I had to add the egg noodles. And, the inclusions for all their regular menus came with bamboo stems  but why is it that the Tonkotsu Deluxe Ramen didn’t and I had to pay another $1.00 more to add the bamboo stems. This was all so strange to me! Again, not because I was being cheap, but I did feel like I was paying additional for things that were included with the regular ramen options.

Anyhow, besides all this, our tuna poke was really tasty, served with onions,  soy sauce, sesame oil, some greens and capers. It came the same time as our ramen, which kind of sucked cause we were trying to eat the tuna poke while making sure our ramen noodles didn’t get all soaked and thick. But, besides this, I thought the bowl of ramen was wonderful, I was super impressed by the soup and the ingredients, especially the stewed pork and egg. Usually, the egg is pretty much fully cooked at most ramen joints, but Himawari actually served the egg soft cooked! They also offered fried garlic on the dining tables, and adding this definitely made it taste even better!  So although the price is odd, and although they served us the appetizer and ramen at the same time, I will definitely be going back to Himawari for their bowl of Tonkotsu Deluxe Ramen!  Afterall, it’s all about the food.