Nov 04

The ‘Bad For You’ Dinner at the Oracle Arena

We got some tickets for this season’s Warriors games at the Oracle Arena!  We love basketball, it’s one of our favorite pastimes! Since I wanted to get us out of the house to watch the games, I thought it was a great idea to buy some tickets for the season! The only problem with going to the game is that it is during dinner time! Well, it’s not really a problem but it becomes one when the food is super expensive and most of it doesn’t taste very good either. And, we cannot bring food in so we don’t really have a choice but to eat there or eat prior to the game.  Last week, we bought the most expensive and smallest hot dog with some nachos. When I opened the wrapping, all I could think of was, did I seriously just pay $5.75 for this? What the f@#$ is this?! And it gets better, the ketchup ran out at the stands. OMG, I was so hungry that I could have licked the cheese from my nachos! And trust me, we took so many jalapenos from the stand for our nachos that it probably made up for the missing ketchup! Anyhow, that’s all located on the upper levels concession stands. So yesterday, as we were just about to take the escalator up to the upper level seats, we noticed a concession stand downstairs called MOD dog…it cost $7.50 and we saw what was being served. Okay, it was more expensive, but this was a real hot dog with some toppings!  We ordered ourselves the Sonoran Hot Dog, there was a piece of bacon, salsa and mayo! The only bad thing about it was the bread, but other than that, it was a good ‘bad for you’ dinner! And I know I know, I can get a much cheaper one in the Mission District, but if you saw my choices for food, you would buy this too! Next time, I’m trying the one with Kim Chee!