Nov 06

I *Heart* Popcakes

It’s official, I love popcakes! I recently got some popcakes from Popcakes, a friend of mine sent me the link, then I sent the link to everyone else I knew.  I loved their website, it’s full of vibrant colored popcakes. So yes, I had a chance to test them out and they tasted as good as they looked! They came in the mail in a box and when I opened the box, my popcakes were decorated like a bouquet, I loved the presentation, it was simply oh so cute!  I tried the Vanilla, Red Velvet and Chocolate flavors and all three were sweet and delicious. The round sugared cake was on a stick, just like a lollipop, and yes…it stayed on the stick as I was eating it, it didn’t crumble into pieces. The colorful sprinkled shells tasted perfect while the cake was fresh and moist, don’t expect a dry piece of cake! Especially the chocolate flavor, it reminded me of a chocolate truffle because the cake was rich and smooth like fudge brownie…it was like heaven! I was so impressed with the presentation, the creativity and the taste! I would highly recommend Popcakes for special occasions, they offer a variety of creative and fun designs for any occasion!  I can’t wait to find an excuse to get these, they are the new cupcakes!