Nov 08

I’m Hungry for some Taqueria Guadalajara

Over the weekend, I was craving Mexican food…so we decided to go somewhere close to home, Taqueria Guadalajara.  My hubby had actually gotten me a quesadilla suiza here, but I’ve never been to the restaurant myself.  The quesadilla suiza here is VERY GOOD.

So I found myself at this very small and decorated restaurant. I was hungry so I ordered the Enchiladas Plate with Carne Asada. While waiting for my plate, I munched on lots of chips and salsa, they also had a thick guacamole salsa, it was definitely not watered down and it was great with the chips! I then got my big plate of enchiladas, it was not just 2, it was 3 enchiladas! And the food? Well, let’s just say I finished this entire plate by myself…yes…it was that good!  I highly recommend this place if you are in the area!