Nov 22

Ramen from Japan

When I was in Japan, I had to eat the heavenly ramen! When people tell you that the ramen in Japan is hella good, they are not lying, it is seriously the best ramen you’ll ever eat!   (And yes, I used the word ‘hella’)  So while I was at the Kyoto Isetan, on the restaurant floor that has about 7 ramen restaurants, I bought a box of ramen at one of the restaurants. Believe or not, the packaged soup base tasted better than some of the ramen restaurants in the Bay Area! Since it was about to expire, we had an excuse on a cold rainy night to slurp a hot bowl of ramen, I’m just sad that it was the last bit of it!  If you are in Japan, buy yourself some ramen home, you won’t regret it!