Nov 29

Holiday Get Together With My Dearest Friends

The holidays are the best times to catch up and have get togethers with friends. So last weekend, a few of us ladies got together at my house for a casual fun dinner. Our goal was to get crabs at the Ranch 99, but when we got there, all the crabs were sold out! If you only saw the horror on my face, 4 humongous tanks completely empty. I was hoping that they were hiding some in the back, but I was wrong, I guess they ran out due to Thanksgiving and selling it at $2.99 a pound. Lucky for us, the crab didn’t ruin our fun, I think we were just all excited to be at the supermarket together! We just got some fried crabs that they already had at Ranch 99 and then went to our other favorite place, Trader Joe’s! We got ourselves assorted cheese and crackers & hummus and pita bread. I would also like to add that their edamame hummus was deelious, we finished it all! Fortunately, one of my girlfriends also brought a wonderful layered  sushi rice roll, it is basically similar to a 7 layer dip, but made like a big sushi roll, layered with sushi rice, avocados, shrimp and tobiko on top! She brought nori (seaweed) from her hometown and we wrapped our own sushi and dipped it into soy sauce! It was REALLY good! And being the chef that she is, she also made a pumpkin cream cheese roll! OMG, it was the best dessert ever! We had a pumpkin pie and homemade kimchee from my favorite Korean mom, but after all the food, our tummies couldn’t handle devouring more…so more leftovers for me!  It was such a great night, nothing beats good food and spending time with amazing friends!  Love…love…love…..