Dec 01

I *Heart* Kimchi

I love eating kimchi, I love the spicy goodness.  Most of the time, I find myself buying a jar at Kukje Super Market, I almost always have a jar in my refrigerator. It’s perfect over rice, over ramen, to make kimchi jjigae (soup) and even kimchi fried rice!  But nothing beats the love I felt when my BFF brought a container of homemade kimchi from her mom! I was so happy and began to reminisce about the days when I was a broke ass high school kid at their house. Her mom made all the Korean condiments and all of them were extremely tasty. The one thing I used to take out of their fridge was the tupperware of kimchi,  I’d put it on a plate and eat it by itself cause it was just so damn good! Last night I had some of this kimchi, so did my hubby, and the first thing he said was, “Why don’t we get this from her more often! This is so much better than the one from the market!” I am so glad he got to try what I’ve been raving for years…and yes…my favorite Korean mom put it in a tupperware for me.