Dec 17

Food-You Make Everyone Get into a Better Mood

As I finished my lunch, a snack and preparing myself for what I should have for dinner, I am reminded about how food is the best topic for all conversations, the best reasons to have gatherings with friends, and the one thing each and everyone of us, men and women, have in common. Even as you log into the world of Facebook, all your friends have pictures of food from their home cooking or from their favorite restaurants. I know I can’t be the only one with about 75% of my friends posting food photos! And just as I am typing this, my own husband just emailed me a photo of what he’s about to devour! And yes, he wanted me to guess where he was eating!

Food is, as we all know, a necessity in life. But food also brings a proud feeling to those who create them, a sense of desire when we smell them, and pure happiness to those who see the beauty in them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE food, thank you food, I always look forward to seeing you!