Jan 31

Eve of the Passing Year Dinner with the Family at Asian Pearl Peninsula

We had our “Eve of the Passing Year” Dinner over the weekend. This traditional dinner is normally on Chinese New Year’s Eve, a day where families gather for their annual reunion dinner. Instead of cooking, we decided to have dinner at Asian Pearl Peninsula. Luckily we made reservations a few weeks ago, cause the place was packed with big family dinners! Looks like a lot of families decided to eat out! The other tradition mom tells us is that there needs to be an even number of dishes, so we ordered 6 dishes.  I just noticed that I was so busy eating that I forgot to take a photo of the Shrimp with Cashews, which was also a tasty dish!

We started with a delicious Cold Platter, with crunchy jellyfish, fatty roasted pork cheeks and roasted pork with crunchy pork skin!  We also got a Fish Stomach Soup, a Smooth Tofu and Shrimp over Eggs on a Sizzling Plate,  a Crab Sauce over Pea Shoots and Fried Oysters with Red Onions on a Sizzling Plate!  We always enjoy the food at this restaurant for dim sum and for dinners,  it’s not very expensive and it’s a great place for our family dinners!