May 07

Little Hole in the Wall ~ Tani’s Kitchen

Friday nights are always a treat cause I don’t have to cook dinner. However, it is always hard to decide where we should grab some cheap eats. We also have to make quick decisions cause places tend to fill up on Friday nights, it sucks to miss a seating. We decided to go to Tani’s Kitchen, so we rushed there from home cause there is always a wait. Tani’s is super small, there are approximately 12 seats in the place, so if you miss a seating, you are screwed cause lots of people order to go! When we got there, it was full, I think we waited for about 15 minutes, but Tani’s is so worth the wait! We both ordered the Spicy Hamburger Steak over rice, the meat is always so moist and flavorful! This time we also tried the Salmon Skin Salad and it was really good too! If you don’t see these items on the menu, it’s on the counter walls, these are their specials!