Feb 15

Simply Amazing, Nosh This

Over the weekend, my sister gave me two pieces of chocolates. She let me know she got it from a place in the Mission District, and that it was a piece of bacon chocolate and a piece of sea salt caramel chocolate.  My reply “Bacon Chocolate?”  She told me it was good and I had to try it.

I took it home and finally tried it yesterday. Yes, believe it or not, I didn’t just eat it immediately! I admit, I like chocolate, but I don’t love chocolate, so yes…chocolate can be lying all over my house and I wouldn’t have to eat it! But, my sister being my sister, a food lover, I had a feeling that there must be something special about these. So I opened the bacon chocolate and OMG, WOW…I was blown away! I wanted to save a bite for my husband but I couldn’t stop eating it, and the next thing I knew, it was gone! Afterward, I tried the sea salt caramel, WHOA, this isn’t just sea salt, there’s something else in this!

While I was devouring them, I went to the site, Nosh This, luckily there was a sticker on the package so that I could find where these were from! Turns out the bacon chocolate had a special name to it, the  “Bacon Crack”…Chocolate-Dipped featuring Bacon and Butter Toffee with Almonds! Oh my! And the sea salt caramel was the Black Peppercorn, Fleur de Sel Salted Caramel! I knew there was a spice to the flavor!

And today, I found myself talking about this “Bacon Crack” with all my colleagues at work! I emailed Nosh This and got in contact with Kai, the creator of this amazing concept!  He is actually delivery some “Bacon Crack” to us tomorrow! For those who would like to try this, he is located at 20th and Valencia on Mondays and Fridays (weather dependent)! He can also deliver or ship to you!