Feb 28

Little Sheep is the Best on Those Cooold Nights

Last week we wanted to get some ramen at Ramen Dojo. But of course, no surprise, the line was super long and we really didn’t want to be behind 20 people or so! Luckily, there are many other restaurants in the area…so we decided to go to Little Sheep instead! It was a Friday night, so yes, there was a wait, but we were lucky that it only took about 15 minutes or so. Once you walk in, you will smell fumes of hot pot and lamb. So if you go, don’t wear anything you really care about because the smell will definitely stick!

I love Little Sheep, the Half and Half Soup Base, one side Spicy and the other side Original, both offering Chinese herbs is oh so delicious! We almost always order the same ingredients,  the Supreme Lamb Shoulder Slice, Premium Beef Slice, Cuttlefish Paste, Watercress, Sliced Daikons, Tofu Combo Platter, Shiitake Mushrooms, Taro Vermicelli Knots and Udon Noodles.  And of course we have to add the yummy Leek Flower Dipping Sauce! There are so many things to choose from on their menu, but my favorite is definitely the Cuttlefish Paste, if you go, you must try it! Eat slow, relax and enjoy!