Mar 06

An Unexpected Find, Ramen at Oidon

Okay okay, we decided to go to Ramen Dojo again, and again, there were about 15 people ahead of us! It’s unbelievable how busy this place is! Anyways, we left and decided to try something new, we were yelping in the car and as we made a decision and  began walking to the restaurant, we noticed Oidon so we stopped to look at the photos, they have ramen, udon and champon! So, why not, we decided to give this place a try!  It’s located upstairs, very small, plain, and not busy at all, there were a total of 4 people dining in the restaurant.  I got the Tonkotsu Ramen, the hubby got the Chicken Karaage with Soy Ramen and we also ordered a Takoyaki. One thing about this place, they do not serve stewed pork, so don’t expect to have it. After we sat, they gave us a small bowl of Edamame. I couldn’t help but think how other restaurants would have charged me for a bowl of Edamame, so it was a nice touch to get it complimentary.  After we ordered, we  checked yelp again and that’s when we realized they were known for their Champon, but it was too late, we already ordered.

We got our big bowls of ramen and YUMMY, to our surprise they were very good! Both of ours were flavorful, the ramen and the soup base was good!  My Tonkotsu had cha shu, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. My hubby’s Chicken Karaage with Soy had the Shoyu soup base with Chicken Karaage, the pieces were huge but were not fried well, even though they tasted good the batter fell apart fast!  The Takoyaki had too much batter and not enough Tako (Octopus). One thing people must realize is that my hubby and I always compare our ramens to the ramens we’ve had in Japan, and then we compare it to the ramens we’ve had in the States. Of course places are never as good as Japan, but this place is not bad, it is pretty good. The other plus side is that there was no long wait and they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg for add-on’s, everything you would want is already in the bowl! However, I think that I should start carrying fried garlic in my purse, it’s definitely a flavor missing in my ramens. We will definitely return to Oidon, I’ll have to try the Champon next!  One thing I did just learn, they are not opened for dinner, so lunch only!

Oh, and one more plus about this restaurant, they have a great Japanese market located just downstairs, the Suruki Supermarket.  They had so many Japanese products as well as prepackaged cooked cuisines and fresh sashimi! Don’t think I left the market empty handed!