May 08

Sushi Who? Sushi Sam’s

We decided to take my sister out to dinner being her pick for the night, she asked if we could take her to Tani’s Kitchen! Unfortunately, we just went on Friday night! So…since she wanted fresh fish and since we wanted to take her to a place she’s never been, we decided to take her to Sushi Sam’s!  There is always a long line at this place, it is seriously ALWAYS packed. We got lucky and the wait was only about 20 minutes or so. We all decided to get an Omakase dinner, we got the sushi and the sashimi Omakase meals. And of course we had to get their signature hand rolls, the Chili Dog filled with tuna and seaweed and the Unagi hand roll filled with crab and avocado! I have to say, we waited a long time for our Omakase dinners, not too sure why it took so long but it did and I got quite irritated. However, after I ate the fish, I felt better, it was all very high quality, fresh and tasty fish! And, the desserts served with the Omakase dinner are always a sweet surprise!