May 10

Spicy Original Vickles Pickles!

Last year when I saw Vic, he was talking about how he knew how to make pickles. I seriously thought he was kidding. The next thing I knew, I saw Vickles Pickles on Facebook, and now, you can also follow Vickles Pickles on Twitter! From my understanding, he’s been selling his specialty at food events featuring other creative food items by everyday people like you and me!

A friend of mine picked up a jar of Vickles Pickles and the Vickles Pickles Kimchi for me in March, I got it last weekend, it was sitting in their fridge for a bit. I actually shared them with friends during an event at home. We didn’t enjoy the kimchi too much, I think it’s because we’re used to the Korean kimchi at restaurants and the Korean markets. Unfortunately, that was not a big hit.

However, we all enjoyed the flavors of the Spicy Original Pickles cured with jalapenos, shallots, garlic, some other spices and vinegar. They were more crunchy outside than inside, but none the less, they were crunchy with great flavors-a little tart, a hint of spice and quite addicting! I put a plate out and it was all gone!  As a matter of fact,  I am enjoying them as I am blogging! Definitely try Vickles Pickles if you like pickles!