May 19

Sweet Sweet Kara’s Cupcakes

My hubby came home and surprised me with something in a cute pink box! No, not the Tiffany blue box, a pink box with a Kara’s Cupcakes sticker! Oh how he knows the way to my heart…food…my eyes popped out and I had a big smile on my face! There they were, a plush Sweet S’mores cupcake which is a chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker crust on the bottom and toasted marshmallow frosting, a Vanilla and Chocolate cupcake with a coconut cream cheese frosting!

Of course we shared them! He’s not much of a dessert fan himself, but to his surprise, he REALLY liked them! They were all sugary delights but I LOVED the Sweet S’mores, I personally love marshmallow and the frosting was not too sweet, it blended perfectly with the rich chocolate, while the graham cracker was so good and such sweet surprise!