Jun 14

Great Night at the SF Underground Market

Note: Health Inspectors Shut Down SF Underground Market until further notice. Please check website ForageSF for more information!

Last Saturday night, we went to check out the  SF Underground Market at Public Works. Sign up to become a free member, the admission is $5.00 at the door and the vendors food price varies between $2.00-$6.00 and up each, I believe beers were about $6.00 each too.  The vendors accept cash only, but I’m not too sure about the bar. There are two shifts with different vendors for day and night. I heard from a friend that the night shift was more fun with music and libations, so night shift it was! There’s been a lot of hype about this food event so I had to see for myself. I was afraid that there was going to be a long line upon arrival, but we got there an hour after doors opened, so the line was not that long at all! However, I heard that lines were very long before the doors opened, so I guess the tip is to arrive a little later. With that being said, you don’t want to arrive too late or vendors may run out of their specialties!

There were a group of us who went, which worked out perfectly so that we could share food! When you first look at the vendors portions, they look rather small, but after trying 5-6 different food items, you will get full!

Do yourself a favor, take a stroll throughout the space, downstairs and upstairs, that way you have an idea of everything you definitely want to taste!  It can be a bit overwhelming with over 25 food vendors in a crowded space, but take your time and enjoy the scene! And don’t forget to step outside, there are food vendors outside too, they are everywhere! Like how this sounds so far? Well, it’s much better in person!

I had such a wonderful time food tasting and meeting the creators! It’s so inspiring to see the joy in their faces, showing ownership in their specialties! But most of all, they were all so proud and happy when you let them know how good their food was, cause at the end of the day, they want to make some money but also know that they created bites of happiness.

Here’s what I tried, pretty much in this order, sorry for some blurry photos, we were standing and holding the food most of the evening:

Tara Mendioro’s “Pork Belly and Chicken Adobo over Rice” – The flavors were SOOO GOOD, I am so glad we had this!

PotacoSF’s “Potato tacos with Guacamole and more” – Sadly, I could have done without.

City Smoke House’s “Pulled Pork Sandwich served with Cole Slaw and Sweet Baked Buns” – They had a line so we had to try, and yes, it was worth the wait! The Pulled Pork was moist and smoky, cole slaw was fresh, and the sweet baked buns reminded me of the good ol’ sweet Chinese buns!

Nosh This’ “Chili made with 9 Peppers and Chocolate and more” and then I revisited for the “Bacon Crack” –  OoOoOoO, the deelious chili definitely had a kick to it!  I had to buy a Bacon Crack to go, for those who don’t know, this is a Chocolate-Dipped, Butter Toffee with bits of Bacon and Almonds!

Morgans Menu’s Kalua Pig Tostadas – The slow-roasted pork was very tasty!

Grilledcheezguy’s “Grilled Cheese served with Three Cheeses and Acme Bread” – This was my FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT! All of us agreed, this was awesome!

Saucy Dumplings “Pork Bun which was like a Biscuit” – The Pork was actually very good, the biscuit was not bad also, but I thought this was rather small.

BiBimBopBowl’s “Korean Bi Bim Bop” – The flavors were good, the ingredients were very fresh, but I do love good ol’ Bibimbop in a clay pot.

Simply Mochi’s “PB&J Mochi” – This vendor was so busy that they ran out of mochis in about 2 hours! After having the “PB&J Mochi”, I can see why people bought them in a hurry!

Schulzies Bread Pudding’s “The Earl Grey Bread Pudding” – I really like bread pudding,  and this flavor was not too sweet, just perfect!

Gluttony Catering’s “Watermelon with Prosciutto, Served with balsamic vinegar” – Very refreshing, Watermelon with Prosciutto was definitely a new unique twist!

Dehesa Foods “Paté de Lapin which was a all natural rabbit, pistachios, Sauterne, thyme, Quarte Épices spice blend”, and then I got myself a “Paté de Gascogne – All natural pork, prunes, walnuts & Armagnac” to go – The Paté de Lapin was VERY GOOD, I love pate! They ran out of the to go ones for the rabbit, so I got the pork instead!

Sidesaddle Kitchen’s “Salted Watermelon Pop” – Interesting enough, this place is raw and vegan. At first taste, some people may think it’s strange to have salted watermelon, but I’m Chinese, we add salt to our watermelon. I love frozen icy drinks, this was just like a Popsicle, the perfect way to end the night in the hot venue!