Sep 01

Jjampong Here I Come, Dinner at Kukje Market’s Restaurant

Okay, most people go to Kukje Market for grocery shopping. But us, we go there for dinner at the restaurant and then we walk off our food while grocery shopping for our jar of kimchee (which I always have in the fridge)! This place gets busy at an early hour and they have extended another room for seating. With that being said, their service is not the best, so don’t expect fast attentive staff. I was recently informed by a friend that after waiting for 40 minutes, their food was not served and they ended up walking out. This has not happened to me, but unfortunately I can actually see that happening there!  So if you sense it’s time to say something to the staff, please do!

The last time we went there, I fell in love with the noodles served in their Jjampong, which is a spicy soup noodle served with seafood such as mussels and shrimp.  The highlight of this dish is definitely the chewy thin udon noodles! I wish I knew what brand and type of noodles they used so that I could re-create it at home! This big bowl of soup noodles serves 2 people so we only ordered the Pork Bibimbap for a second dish, which was also very good! Normally I order the Seafood Pancake, but knowing that I didn’t want to roll out of the restaurant, we had to say no. As always, just like all Korean restaurants, there were lots of condiments to start the meal!