Oct 30

The Best Chinese Style Roast Duck at Cheung Hing

There are times my hubby and I crave the simple Chinese style BBQ food. When we have moments like these, we head to Cheung Hing, nothing fancy, just mom-and-popish! They have two locations, one in Sunset and one in Millbrae, and both of them serve delicious BBQ items! I ate a lot of Chinese style BBQ pork and duck growing up, my parents always bought something for dinner, at least once a week! I still remember the first time I brought home a roast duck from Cheung Hing, my parents LOVED it!!! I admit it, I had Cheung Hing’s phone number saved on my mobile phone back in the days when I couldn’t just google their number on my phone.

So yes, I had to get my favorite Roast Duck and Wonton with Lai Fun Soup Noodles! The Wontons are not that great, but the Roast Duck is always roasted to perfection, sweet and addicting! My hubby got himself a big plate of Roast Duck and Roast Pork over Rice, both meat items were sooo good! And since I was super hungry, we also ordered the Fried Tofu Stuffed with Pork and Fish Paste!

Next time, we will have to buy a Roast Duck for my mom, she wants to enjoy it with some steamed buns at home!