Nov 05

Ramen Parlor: Rich and Creamy

If you have waited in the long lines for Santa Ramen and Ramen Dojo, you will want to try Ramen Parlor, the third ramen joint by the same chef/owner, Kazunori Kobayashi. It couldn’t have opened at a better time, the freezing cold weather has arrived to the Bay Area and all we want is a warm bowl of hot ramen!  Then again, who am I kidding,  I would find any excuse to have ramen.  Ramen Parlor is actually only half a block from Ramen Dojo and we saw the long lines forming at Ramen Dojo.  It was a Friday night at 6:30pm, and there was NO line at Ramen Parlor, yes I repeat…no line, we were seated right away. But I must say that by 7:30pm, there was a short queue forming.

When one opens a third restaurant, you would think that it may be similar to the other two. Wrong…Ramen Parlor offers it’s own unique twist, a rich and heavier soup enhanced by the lobster oil! This location also offers more appetizers, even yakitori! However,  I am not sure if all the appetizers are offered during lunch. We ordered off their ‘Today’s Special’ menu and got the crunchy Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage and fatty Basa Fish with Garlic Butter yakitori! Yummy!

We both ordered the Ramen with Pork Flavor and Lobster Oil served with Roasted Pork, one Garlic Shrimp, Quail Egg, Green Chives, Ground Chicken, Brocollini and Black Sesame Powder.  The only difference is that I added the huge chunk of Stewed Spare Rib in mine, which was a great recommendation from a new fan! (Thanks fan!) I thought that the sweet marinated Stewed Spare Rib would have bones, but it was boneless with lots of crunchy tendons!  The soup was rich and creamy, make sure you mix the lobster oil into the base so that it doesn’t seem so oily! What can I say, the owner has done it again!

If you want light, go to Santa Ramen…if you want spicy, go to Ramen Dojo…if you want rich, go to Ramen Parlor!