Dec 10

Crabs, Crabs & Crabs, I Love Our San Francisco Tradition!

With delays and much anticipation, crab season has finally begun and everyone in the Bay Area has been enjoying the tradition of dungeness crab with family and friends! It’s no joke, people really have crab celebrations-from steamed, fried to stir fry! For $2.99 – $3.99 a pound for about 2 pound crabs, who can blame us!

So mom decided that it was our turn for our crab celebration! She steamed them the night before and put it in the fridge overnight, her recipe: simple cold crab. And the best part was that we each had our own to devour, there was no need to share! Instead of serving this with butter and lemon, we enjoyed ours with two different dipping sauces, one being soy sauce and jalapeños, and the other being soy sauce, sesame oil, hot paste and garlic! We also has chopped ginger to mix into the sauces! YUMMM! It was finger licking good!

The crab meat was so fresh and sweet! Now for us to enjoy crab season until next February!