Dec 10

Gimme Some Big Mouth Burgers

Yes, I do love good burgers, so the hubby decided to bring me to Big Mouth Burgers, he seems to have visited quite often without me for lunch! We were there for dinner and I was hungry! I got myself the Hangover Burger, topped with fried egg which I was hoping to be a little more runny, bacon, American Cheese and Chipotle Mayo! Kent got himself a burger and added bacon with blue cheese!  For our sides, we upgraded to Sweet Potato Fries and Half Fries & Onion Rings, the sides were really crunchy! We both requested medium rare for the meat but it was more on the cooked side. The meat was not dry or anything, it was still moist, but not what we expected. He mentioned that the meat was usually cooked to order during the day, so maybe there are different chefs on different shifts.  Overall, the flavors were good and we’ll return!