May 09

Mother’s 媽媽 Day!

For Mother’s Day, instead of cooking or taking mom out for dinner, we decided to have hot pot at home!  The only request she had was to get her clams! We bought so much food for her feast: Shrimp, clams, sea bass, Napa cabbage, fish balls, beef tendon balls, sliced lamb meat, soft tofu, fried tofu, watercress, daikon, black mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and udon! We love hot pot, we have lots of dipping sauces at home and we always chop up lots of garlic and green onions for the dipping sauce too! The soup base for the hot pot is really essential and I always use the Lee Kum Kee Hot Pot Soup Base! They have quite a selection and I love the Satay flavor, it was perfect for our dinner!