It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog about food…unfortunately, my son keeps me very busy and tired these days. And, we don’t get to go out and enjoy meals as much as we would like. But, over the weekend, we had a chance to try HRD Coffee Shop and it was a delicious treat. We just so happened to be in the area and there was parking right in front, someone apparently paid 7 hours of parking on the space we took! WINNER!

We walked into the busy joint and luckily they had tables in the back that could accommodate us and our toddler.  Once you walk in you will be hungry, the smell of the food will immediately make you happy! We ordered the spicy Kim Chee Fried Rice with Pork, topped with a Sunny-Side Egg and the Curry Rice Plate with Fried Mahi Mahi, served with Brown Rice, Kim Chee Croquette and Wasabi Apple Coleslaw. Ummm…we were eating in silence and only spoke a few words such as “WTF? This is hella good!” The Kim Chee Fried Rice was goooood and even the spicy pork was nice and tender! The Fried Mahi Mahi was fried Katsu style, and smothering the Curry Sauce over it was perfect!

A little bit of Korean, a little bit of Japanese, we will definitely be returning to HRD for more!!!