It’s been a while since we had dinner at Coqueta, in November 2013 to be exact, but you never forget some of your best meals! It was a rare date night for us and we were celebrating our wedding anniversary! To enjoy a night in San Francisco along the beautiful waterfront is always a treat in itself!  We heard rave reviews about the Spanish tapas at Coqueta so we had to try it. I requested to sit along the bar to see all the action in the busy kitchen, we love watching the creators get crafty with the dishes!

I just looked at their menu online and it looks like they still serve most of what we enjoyed that evening. I have to say that everything we had was delicious with the exception of the flan dessert. We shared everything, and yes, it was a lot of food but since it’s very seldom that we get to indulge, we had every reason to do it and this was the best place for it!

We started with the hot tapas! The Wood-Grilled Octopus with Fingerling Potatoes were smoky and the octopus was cooked with the perfect crunch! The Smoked Salmon with Queso Fresco and Truffle Honey was a tasty combination, although we’ve had better smoked salmon, it was not bad, we actually wanted the razor clams but they were out! And then the Sunny Side-Up Huevo with Shrimp, Crispy Potato and Chorizo Dressing came out and honestly, I don’t even know where to begin, blending the ingredients together was genius!

For the entree, we decided to go big, REALLY BIG! We ordered the Wood Grilled Bone-In 32oz. Natural Beef Ribeye with Moorish Pepper which is made to serve 4, and yes, our server did remind us that we would have to pay for the 4 people it serves. Wow, it was a thing of beauty when it came out and it was so damn amazing, it was the most flavorful and tender meat, and the moorish pepper sauce it was served with was excellent! We finished the ENTIRE thing! And okay, we also had some vegetables, we ordered the Vineyard Greens with Raisins and Pine Nuts and it was good, but the meat was better.

We would definitely return if we had another opportunity!