Finally a date night, we haven’t been to a nice dinner since my birthday, and that was 7 months ago! I guess it makes us really appreciate a nice quiet adult dinner with incredible creative food even more. There are so many restaurants to choose from these days, so selecting a restaurant is always hard, but I realize that making reservations on the date and time you want is sometimes just as difficult!  I’ve heard and read good reviews about Rich Table from a few people who love food, so I made reservations exactly 30 days beforehand! We had dinner on a Sunday and arrived at 6:00pm, and the place was packed. I mean, the entire place was full, even the bar seating! So, luckily we had reservations. It’s quite loud and there’s not much space between you and the guests sitting next to you, so expect to hear some conversations that are not yours. We were quite lucky and were tucked away in the corner of the restaurant, I loved our seats actually, it was like a bird’s-eye view throughout the dining space, we were people watching…from young hipsters, families to older folks who were probably coming from the Opera. The rustic earth tone space was very comfortable, we could see the chef’s at work and even saw Chef Evan Rich in action at one point during the night.

The menu offers quite a variety, so we ordered many dishes to share. We started with the Sardine Chips with horseradish crème fraiche, which I heard so much about. If you like fishy sardines, you will love this and you will love the addicting horseradish crème fraiche it is served with, please do double dip. Then came the fluffy Dried Porcini Doughnuts with raclette, although we were afraid of getting full from eating these, it didn’t stop us from finishing it all. A little doughy, a little fluffy, the porcini and raclette mix smelled and tasted so good together. The Hamachi Tartare with lemon cucumber, green melon, parsley and popped sorghum was perfect for the hot day, it tasted like Summer, all the ingredients were refreshing and crunchy.

After the small bites, we then met our Bucatini with cherry clams, bone marrow and bay leaf. Wow, I’m glad it was not too large of a dish cause it was very rich, the bone marrow sauce was lathered in the bucatini! And no, I am not complaining about that, it was an amazing dish, we really loved it! Then came the pretty Aged Duck Breast with apple, candied grapefruit and yellow onion dish, it was not only pretty, the sweet flavors blended with the duck featuring a slightly crispy flavored skin was really good too! After the duck, we enjoyed the New York Strip Steak with mole, piquillo peppers and pumpkin seeds! Although the steak was medium rare and the flavors were really good, the meat was a bit tough. But…the mole sauce was damn good!

For dessert, and yes, we made it to dessert…we shared the Caramelized Banana Sundae with peanut butter and popcorn crumble with Sightglass Coffee that was served in the cutest Le Creuset French Press! Many times we are disappointed with desserts, but this sundae did not disappoint! We first asked ourselves, where’s the banana, but it was in the rich flavor of the sundae! This surprisingly delicious dessert was mixed with little tiny chunks of peanut butter and little leaves that tasted like licorice!

Service was unpretentious and very easy going, although I do have to add that we thought some dishes came out quite slow. We weren’t sure why that was, but we weren’t in a rush and it gave us time to digest a lot of food before the next dishes so we didn’t mind. Something we both loved were the sauces for some of our dishes! Creative, innovative and a fun place for all ages, young and old!