We finally got the kitchen of our dreams and before it was even finished, we stopped by The Wok Shop in Chinatown to get educated on woks! I would also like to add, that we didn’t know this shop existed, we only knew because someone overheard Kent and I talking about how the place I wanted to go to was now closed, so a stranger wearing a ‘Google’ T-shirt told us about The Wok Shop. (Yes, he was really wearing a ‘Google’ T-shirt, haha)

When we walked in we were very surprised to see a shop full of woks. We were first approached by a little lady, she really didn’t know much about the woks. But later, we met with a very knowledgeable guy, let’s just call him the ‘wok guy’. We let him know that we got a BlueStar range and he knew right away that the cast iron was the one for us. He then gave us all the directions for how to season the wok: oil it, bake it and caramelize it! The most important tip was that you only use soap on it once before you oil it and bake it, but after that, you never use soap to clean it ever again, you only use hot water! This is how it gets better with age and becomes naturally nonstick! We bought the package and it came with everything we needed for about $50.00, the directions were included as well! The package included the Cast Iron Wok, Wok Ring, Spatula, Lid and Wok Cleaning Whisk made by thin strips of split bamboo! It’s definitely not expensive for everything we got and the ‘wok guy’ was just very informative, you really can’t find someone like him to teach you at Williams-Sonoma!

Last weekend I finally seasoned the wok, and we’ve made some damn good meals so far, as Chinese people would say, the dishes ‘had fire’ in them. I am reminded of how my parents used to cook when growing up. My mom actually asked us to get her one after she saw ours!

I would highly recommend this place for a wok!