May 15

I *Heart* Korean Food

One of my favorite is definitely Korean food! I love all the flavors, all the spices and all the condiments! One thing you never see is anyone adding salt and pepper to their Korean food, that would be wrong. Last night we went to Korean Bar-B-Que, they offer a buffet. I have to say, I am a skeptic when it comes to buffets, but I love the Kalbi, Pork Belly (Sam Gyup Sal)  and Squid here!  Pork Belly is one of my favorites!  I love dipping the grilled pork belly into the peppered sesame oil, wrapping it with the lettuce and adding some bean paste and a piece of kimchi.  YUMM! And the dinner buffet is only $22.00, it’s a deal for me cause I get my money’s worth!