May 31

Tasty Saucy Hakka Restaurant

This place came highly recommended, I came here with some old high school friends and it was the best place for us to have dinner. Hakka Restaurant is very casual and family style,  it was the perfect place to go to for our gathering. At this time, they don’t serve alcoholic beverages,  but you are more than welcome to BYOB. The waiters don’t speak perfect English, though one of them did, our waiter didn’t. But I have to say, our waiter was really nice and had great recommendations for us. We had 8 people and we ordered about 8-9 dishes, it was a lot of food, but a great way for us to try everything.   I have to admit that I am not familiar with Hakka cuisine, though I did just find out from my mom that my dad had a little bit of Hakka in him.

Everything we ordered were very flavorful and most of them were saucy so they were great over rice.  We ordered a seabass cooked two ways: 1st way-mainly the bones of the fish were made for a soup, 2nd way-the meat of the fish were stir fried with vegetables.  The soup was very good, they even scooped out the ingredients cooked in the soup such as the soft tofu, thousand year old egg, ginger and parsley for us to enjoy. That definitely reminded me of eating at home!  The crab was REALLY good, we had it cooked and battered with salted egg and it was served with pumpkin in the same batter! WOW, definitely try it if you go! The clams with black bean sauce, the fish fillets with tofu in the clay pot, the stuffed tofu, the frog with veggies in a delicious sauce, the stewed pork belly with preserved vegetables and the salted and baked chicken were all good too! The stewed pork belly with preserved vegetables and the salted and baked chicken came highly recommended on Yelp, they were good but the pork belly was not as buttery as I expected and the chicken was not bad but not that great.  Maybe we went there expecting too much out of those two dishes.

Overall, I really liked Hakka Restaurant, I already told my mom that I can’t wait to bring her, I think she’s going to enjoy their home cooking style.