This summer, I was lucky enough to enjoy a 3 weeks vacation at a few destinations in Asia- Japan, Guangzhou, Singapore and one of my favorite places that I visit quite often, Hong Kong.  I had the opportunity to  enjoy sightseeing, take in the amazing cultures, stroll the streets like a local and indulge in so many heavenly cuisines! Here are a few of my favorite restaurants during this trip.  It definitely helped having food recommendations from family and friends, a big THANK YOU to those who gave me suggestions and ate with me! You know who you are!

This family dinner was at Tung Po (東寶小館), a Dai Pai Dong style type of restaurant, but indoors! Here we enjoyed a Lotus Leaf Rice dish, Steamed Clams, Squid Ink Spaghetti and many other dishes! And yes, the Squid Ink did turn our teeth and mouth black! For those of you who love Anthony Bourdain, this was one of the restaurants he ate at during his visit to Hong Kong!

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