When people think of Guangzhou, they may think of it being a dirty place in China . Well yes, Guangzhou is dirty and very smoggy, people are impolite and quite rude, but it is also the place my parents grew up and the place they once called home. I’ve been to Guangzhou quite a few times, more often as a child. As an adult, we didn’t visit as often due to less family trips. But during this trip, I visited with my mom and got to hear her stories as an adult. We roamed the city like locals, walked the route she used to take on her way to school and visited the location where her home used to be behind the Guangxiao Temple (one of the oldest temples in Guangzhou) which was an Art School when she was growing up. This time around, I even found out that dad’s old home was nearby where the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is today. The homes my parents grew up at are no longer there, back in the days and even today, residents are relocated and compensated, so the homes are just a memory. During our stay, we of course made time to taste all the delicious food along the way!

Lai Wan Market

We were fortunate and stayed at the beautiful Five-Star Garden Hotel. While staying here, we ate at the Lai Wan Market on the second floor. When you walk in, it is very tranquil and the ambiance features banyan trees. Of course we were asked what tea we wanted as we were seated and since we were on vacation, we ordered something special, we had Teet Goon Yum (鐵觀音) served Kung Fu style, tea brewed fresh and served strong in little small tea cups. We came here to enjoy jook (congee), and I am so glad we did because it was REALLY good! We ordered dim sums on the side, the shrimp dumplings were huge with fresh bamboo and the rice rolls were smooth! Loved it here!

Bing Sheng (炳胜)

Bing Sheng is such a classy looking restaurant in Guangzhou. When you walk inside, you may be quite surprised.  My favorite savory dishes here were the soft tofu and roasted fatty pork! They also have great flavorful fish and vegetables dishes! And although I don’t always have a sweet tooth, I loved their flaky durian pastry and Portuguese egg tart! If you are in Guangzhou, you must give this place a try!

China Fragrance

I wish I could find the website for China Fragrance, but I can’t and I can’t explain how much that pains me because I want to share this restaurant with the world! However, if you are in Guangzhou, it is located across the street from the Garden Hotel, located in the Annexed Friendship Store, also known as the World Trade Center. This restaurant is located on the 5th Floor (371-375 Huanshi Donglu) in the back right! The food here is so incredible, and I came here more than 1 time because we enjoyed it so much! You might wonder how Soy Sauce Chicken and Tea Smoked Duck can be so special, but you haven’t had these dishes here at China Fragrance! The chicken was so tender and the duck tasted like smoked ham, they were so incredible that I wish I could have some now as I am typing this! And how is it that we could order Xiu Long Bao at a nice restaurant, well…the dumplings were soupy and perfect! If you visit Guangzhou, find this restaurant and try these dishes out, you will be glad you did it!

The Soup Place

Okay, this place is not really called the Soup Place, it’s just the name some of us ABC’s call it! It’s located down the street from the Guangxiao Temple (along 光孝 路). When you walk down the street, you won’t miss this place, there is almost always a long line! But this is not just any soup place, the soups are boiled for hours and are full of herbs and healthy ingredients for your body, cost is $1 – $2 per soup! They also serve rice topped with preserved vegetables and grounded pork! The only warning, the menu is only in Chinese, so if you go, bring someone that can read Chinese. Also, it is not the most fancy place and they only have fans!

NOTE: Some of these websites are not in English. Copy and paste the link to Google and it should give you the option to translate the page!

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