On this trip to Asia, we decided to visit Singapore for a short trip, it was only 1.5 days, but we had the opportunity to see and eat so much! We loved this beautiful and clean destination! The people are also very friendly and I loved how there are queues, everything and everyone is orderly, just the way I like it! I have to admit, there were quite a lot of food on my list that we didn’t get to try, hopefully we will in the future! We cannot wait to visit Singapore again!

Wisma Atria’s Food Republic

We stayed at a small boutique hotel in Singapore and it was very close to the Orchard Road, which was great because many popular places were walking distance. The Wisma Atria was very close and a friend of mine who lives in Singapore recommended the Food Republic located inside the mall. This food court was busy, and the food was really good! While we were here, we sampled quite a few dishes, from the Prawn Mee, the Roti Prata, the Char Kway Teow to the icy yet refreshing Ice Kachang! And in all honestly, all of these were good here! But my favorite was the Char Kway Teow at the Thye Hong stall, the flavors were addicting, I loved every bite! Thank you Food Republic for being so nearby!

Newton Circus

Everyone always says to visit Newton Circus if you visit Singapore! And people say to try the Stingray too! Since this place is opened 24 hours, you can go anytime! After strolling and walking off our food, we decided to snack at Newton Circus! When you arrive, the restaurant owners or workers will bombard you with menus. There are so many food vendors, it can actually be a difficult decision of where to eat. A friend of ours who visited a few days before us mentioned Stall #46 so we were walking around looking for the stall. Someone heard us say, “Wonder where Stall #46 is?” and it was his stall! Perfect! We took a seat and ordered the Stingray with chili sauce, the Tiger Prawns with butter and garlic and a Sugar Cane Juice and beer. I admit it, I wanted to know what this Stingray was all about, but I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed. Yes, it’s Stingray and I will probably never get this at home, but to me, it was fish without the bones. But the Tiger Prawns were impressive, they were HUGE, I didn’t know Tiger Prawns were that big and it served with a sauce that reminded me of shrimp paste. They meat was crunchy and reminded me of lobster meat! Newton Circus is definitely an experience!

Ya Kun

Oh Ya Kun, why oh why is there no Ya Kun at home! We came here for breakfast and we were so HAPPY we did! They had breakfast specials and we ordered two, the Kaya Toast Set and the French Toast Set, both included the strong cup of coffee with condensed milk and the very very delicious poached eggs, the only difference was that one came with French Toast and one came with Kaya toast with kaya spread and butter. Kaya is actually egg and coconut jam! Oh my, what a treat for breakfast! We loved everything here and we actually visited for seconds during our afternoon, we had to try their ice coffee (which was just as strong and good) and get another one of those crispy and thin Kaya toasts! We loved the Kaya so much that we bought ourselves a jar so that we can make it at home!

Jumbo Seafood

We really wanted to try the Chili Crabs in Singapore and heard Jumbo Seafood was the place to go! I’ve never had Chili Sri Lankan Crab and wow, it was amazing! I am Chinese, and usually we cook crabs dry or with just a bit of gravy. This Chili Crab had a load of sauce, it pretty much looked like soup! We had the Fried Man Tou’s (which is a Chinese steamed bun but fried) to dip into this spicy yet sweet sauce! We also had an order of the Fried Prawns with Cereal which was also amazing! Everything here was finger licking good!

Qun Zhong Eating House

When my relatives told me to try a Shanghai restaurant in Singapore, I thought they were kidding. We were in Chinatown and in the heat, we didn’t know where to eat so we decided to try Qun Zhong Eating House since it was on the list. When we got there, there was a line, people were queuing up out front and the place was packed, to me, that was a great sign! When we finally got seated, we noticed that everyone’s food looked really good and they looked really happy too! We ordered the very soupy Xiao Long Baos, the crispy and flavorful Potstickers and the saucy Black Bean Sauce Noodles. Oh my, all of these were extremely good and I wish we had ordered more!

NOTE: Some of these websites are not in English. Copy and paste the link to Google and it should give you the option to translate the page!

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