I’ve visited this destination full of walking advertisements three times the last 5 years. One, because my brother lives there, but secondly, I love Hong Kong and have considered moving here. Some may think otherwise, but I find it to be so beautiful, full of tall buildings, sparkling lights in the evening and just so full of life, culture and mouth-watering food!

Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記大飯店)

In the states, we don’t get to eat Roasted Goose, so when visiting Hong Kong, this is something you must try! There are a few places that serve Roasted Goose and I have to say by far, Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant was the best I’ve ever had! It is located a bit further away from the heart of Hong Kong, but it is so worth it! When you get to the area, you will notice quite a few restaurants serving Roasted Goose so please be aware of this! Make sure you go to the right restaurant! You won’t miss this place, there will probably be a crowd standing outside waiting for their table and reservations are highly recommended. If we didn’t have reservations, I think we would have been waiting for a long long time! We ordered not just one but two Big Whole Roasted Goose with perfect crispy skin (they had options of Whole and Half, we basically super-sized it), yummy Crab with Chili, Spicy Eggplant Claypot and many other entrees! We thought all the food had wonderful flavors! LOVED this place and REALLY LOVED the Roasted Goose!

Islam Food (清真牛肉館)

I really didn’t know what to expect out of Islam Food but everyone seemed to rave about it, so we had to try it for ourselves! And wow…it was AMAZING and I am so glad that we tried it! One word of advice, don’t run in with pork in your mouth which I did cause I was so hungry that we got a Satay Pork Neck around the block and yes, I had to make sure I swallowed that before I walked back into the restaurant! Or at least the server did! This place is pretty packed and there are 2 locations closeby to each other, I heard the big location (which had no line) has a different chef and the small location (with the long line) tastes much better. So, we went to the small busy location. Here, we had so much scrumptious food! We started with their Cold Cut Platter featuring Five Spiced Beef Shank, Tripe, Tendon, Sesame Chicken and Jelly Fish, all of this was delicious! From the juicy Veal Goulash, spicy Curry Beef Brisket with Bean Thread in Soup, light and fluffy Fried Egg White with Minced Fish and Shredded Scallop to the spicy Curry Lamb, EVERYTHING we ordered was superb!

Hong Kong Lao Shanghai Restaurant (老上海飯店 )

Our main purpose to come to Hong Kong Lao Shanghai Restaurant was for the Steamed Chinese Mitten Crabs! And that we ate, very slow and happily I might add. Honestly, I thought that these crabs were going to be huge after I heard the Chinese name, 大閘蟹, the first character being big! But when I saw them, I was wondering how they got their name when they are tiny! But, when you crack that shell, you will notice the mouth watering crab roe which we do not get in San Francisco since it is illegal to catch female Dungeness crabs in California. Oh, now that’s heaven. The legs barely had meat, and maybe it was due to not being in season yet, but there was roe, my favorite! We ordered a meal and it also came with Green Onion Pancakes, fatty and saucy Pork with Bok Choy, Crab Xiao Long Baos and a Cold Cut Platter with Jellyfish and Chicken! Eating here was work due to the Steamed Chinese Mitten Crabs, but it was so worth it!

Pier 88 (稻香超級漁港 )

Pier 88 is my grandpa’s favorite dim sum restaurant so we came here for a family dim sum lunch. Here we ordered all the usual dim sum suspects from Shrimp Dumpling, Sui Mai, Chicken Feet and Chiu-chao style dumplings! But the one thing that was to my surprise was the Roasted Goose and Lai Fun Soup! Oh my, the Roasted Goose was tasty (not as good as Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant but this place is in the heart of Hong Kong on Nathan Road so definitely more convenient) and the Lai Fun was hands down the BEST Lai Fun I’ve ever had! And I am a huge noodles fan!

Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓)

Lin Heung Tea House totally reminds me of an old school Chinese restaurant, it’s really casual and just down to earth! I feel as if the servers have been working here all their lives! Everytime I tasted something, I was surprised! The Shrimp with Saucy Noodles looked like any other noodle dish, but when I ate it, it was just so good! When I first saw the Goose, I didn’t even know it was stuffed, it was stuffed with all the good hearty Chinese dates and herbs I would use for Chinese Soups and the combination of flavors were incredible! From Fatty Pork, Fish Heads with Black Bean Sauce to the Tapioca Dessert served with Lotus Seed Paste, this place was homey and served unique and tasty Guangdong dishes!

Food/Ingredients you must try while you are there!

Everywhere you go in Hong Kong, you will find food! They have lots of street food, also known as Dai Pai Dong’s, offering a variety of food such as curry fish balls, stewed beef and stinky tofu! Some people may be scared to try it, but have no fear, just try something, they are so tasty! Many restaurants also serve Wonton Soup Noodles, don’t forget to try one, the noodles are much crunchier and the wontons are much fresher! If you don’t want wonton, order yourself a plate of roasted meat! The smooth rice rolls and hearty jooks are great for breakfast and so much tastier in Hong Kong! And of course, they also have unique and creative desserts!

NOTE: Some of these websites are not in English. Copy and paste the link to Google and it should give you the option to translate the page!

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