The Ingredients:

  • A bag of Assorted Chinese Herbs (comes in a bag at Chinese Markets, there are many and I usually get the bag with herbs I like or says 清補涼)
  • 1 lb.Pork Neckbone
  • Salt
  • Big Pot of Water (Approximately 20 cups of water)

Special Notes:

  • I always freeze pork neckbone in the fridge, it is good to add salt on the pork before freezing.
  • For the bag of Assorted Chinese Herbs, I always use everything in the bag and add herbs to my liking which I buy in separate packages, such as Chinese wolfberries (commonly known as dried goji berries), dried Chinese yam, dried Euryale seeds or fox nuts, dried tangerine peel, dried Chinese dates (the brown ones, not the red ones) and dried polygonatum.


  • Soak all the Assorted Herbs in water
  • Clean and rinse until the water begins to clear up. You will notice smoky looking dirt, it will be like cleaning and rinsing rice

  • Blanch the Pork Neckbone in boiling water for a few minutes (You want all the fat to come out!)
  • While Assorted Herbs are soaking and Pork Neckbones are blanching, boil a big pot of water
  • Once water in pot boils, add Pork Neckbone and Assorted Herbs
  • Simmer for 3-4 hours
  • Taste, add salt

Tip from Mom:

Place one chopstick at the end of each side on the pot cover to hold up the cover, this way liquid doesn’t simmer out of the pot. You all also notice that after simmering for a long time, liquid dissipates, I always add more water every once in a while.

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